Free Webinar: Introduction to International Wireless Product Certification

(The webinar is available in English only)

Smart is the new sexy! Products can get smarter with wireless functions, we are living in the new century of smart city, home, office and Internet of (every)Things. WLAN b/g, 2G and 3G are never enough, we want more, better and faster, WLAN a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 4G and even 5G. While we enjoy this new smart world of convenience, we also need to pay the price and make sure, that these products are also compliant with local wireless regulations. These are applicable in addition to the traditional EMC and Safety requirements, in order to protect the end customers, you, me and everyone.

So, you are planning to sell your E&E (electrical and electronic) wireless products "worldwide"? You need someone to help you identify type approval requirements and overcome certification barriers? We look forward to supporting you with your upcoming projects and giving you a brief introduction to selected countries in this free webinar.

There is also a smart way to meet local wireless requirements, this webinar will help you to discover. Additionally, you will understand local requirements in several most popular countries and how to approve the product in the most efficient way, to fulfill your expectation of “One product, Worldwide Market Access”.


  • Introduction of SGS wireless and ITA services
  • Requirements for selected popular countries around the world: module or system approval, report acceptance or local testing


  • Developers and project managers 
  • quality representatives from manufacturers as well as retail / trade and import / export
  • testing and certification managers
  • product compliance officers / product compliance managers
  • international sales

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