Product Safety Training

Due to the growing demand of our customers we offer training regarding CE-declarations and product safety.

Reasons for the increased demand are based on:

  • Changes in significant EC-directives, like the machine directive, low voltage directive and the resulting legal consequences
  • Changes of basic standards, like Safety of Machines (EN 12100)
  • New requirements of systems, which take care of the ever increasing importance of the software components in applications, like IEC 61508 and IEC 62061, which address functional safety

Our Training Modules

Product Safety for Decision Makers and Managers
Target Group:

Management; Sales; Purchase Department; Quality Management

  • Awareness regarding Product Safety and the resulting product liability
  • CE Conformity
  • Risk Analysis

A better evaluation of risks caused by products inadequately tested and a better understanding of how to get easier and faster access to new markets with new products.


Product Safety during the Development Process
Target Group:

Experts and Managers from development departments, project managers, …

  • Presentation of product safety requirements regarding diverse products in different Countries
  • Understanding how to locate and solve potential failures regarding product safety in the early design or development phase

To know product safety requirements and to solve potential problems as early as possible, to achieve a reduction in development time and costs.


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