Security for Safety (S4S)

Protect your IT systems against malware and criminal attacks with IT Security Analysis Services from SGS. Make yourself and your staff fit by using our dedicated training and personal certification offering.

Increasing connectivity of equipment, systems and applications in cyberspace networks harbours additional risks. Targets of attack vary, from PCs and smartphones, smart meter and smart home solutions to cars with internet capabilities. Cybercrime is focused on industries such as the automotive sector, electronics and software as well as mechanical engineering and critical infrastructure with its automation and industrial control systems (ICS).

The new connectivity of previously isolated products or systems poses a more recent type of challenge to IT security of these systems. Many products, systems and their components have only inadequate protection in the light of these changes.

As an accredited inspection body for IT security SGS-TÜV Saar will assist you in the development, implementation and integration of secure functions and applications to protect components and communication.

Naturally, we are at the forefront of future legislation and standardisation as well in order to be able to continually serve you with the latest know-how available. We, the SGS Group, are a member of the European Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for Cyber Security of the European Commission and the European Cyber Security Organization (ESCO). In the field of cyber security standardisation in the automotive sector we are active on national and global levels as well.

In addition, we are participants in the German Alliance for Cyber Security (initiated by the German Federal Office for Information Security -- BSI).

Our portfolio for you at a glance:

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