Lamps / luminaires / LEDs – product safety tests

In almost all markets around the world, product safety requirements (including burning and flammability) for lamps, luminaires, and LEDs are regulated by law, certifications are required, or test and conformity markings must be affixed, e.g., in Europe (CE mark), Korea (KC), Japan (PSE), Australia (RCM), USA (NRTL), and Brazil (INMETRO). It is therefore crucial for manufacturers to carry out the necessary tests and, if necessary, certifications as part of their product development and to compile the required proof of conformity.

Lamps, luminaires, LEDs, and fairy lights repeatedly attract negative attention during market surveillance due to product safety problems. Electrical and mechanical safety, insulation and protective earth conductor requirements (high-voltage tests), and the IP protection class of the housing are areas that frequently exhibit failings.

The deviations are picked up by the market surveillance authorities and the products and their potential dangers are listed in the EU warning system RAPEX. Cheap imported goods, in particular, are often classified as unsafe or not compliant with regulations.

With international certifications, such as the IEC CB scheme, the GS mark, or the ENEC+ mark, you can show that your products are safe and avoid problems with market surveillance authorities.
But how do you ensure that the products delivered to you are identical to those that may have been tested months or years ago in a test laboratory abroad as a “golden sample”?

Our comprehensive range of services goes beyond product testing and certification. With effective sampling tests, risk-based partial tests, audits directly in the manufacturer’s factories, or pre-shipment inspections, you can ensure that all products supplied meet the necessary quality standards and are safe.

As a global leader in inspection, testing, verification, and certification, we are the ideal partner to have at your side to help you successfully bring your products to market in compliance with the relevant regulations, maintain your good reputation, and promote your competitive advantage.

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