Demands on power supply units

The qualification of power supplies requires extensive measurement equipment. We have the necessary equipment, so that we can e.g. measure all phases at a 3-phase systeme simultaneously.

At detail we offer the following tests:

Emission Test:

  • Measurements of harmonics and flicker voltage in accordance with EN 61000-3-2/-3 and EN 61000-3-11/12

  • Measurement of single harmonics

  • Representation of timing behaviour

Immunity Test:

  • Voltage dips, short breaks in power supply and voltage flucuations for AC and DC equipment in accordance with EN 61000-4-11/13/14/17/27/28/29

  • EN 61496-1 Germ. Lloyd

  • ISO 7637 and SAE J 1113

  • NEW! Simultaneous measurement of all phases at 3-phase systems

  • Stressing systems with free selectable wave shapes

  • Generation of amplitude and frequency pulses