Training Variants

Please make your choise between between four possibilities for your individual training.

Variant 1

You join us in Munich or at another specified training location, stay at a first-class hotel and can fully concentrate on the training. Of course we will create an atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable throughout your stay.

Variant 2

You have our trainers travel to a location of your choice such as your company. This gives you the benefits of saving travel costs for your staff and staying within a closed circle that will allow you to discuss company-internal topics as well.

Variant 3

This is an extension of Variant 2 where you specify the training contents yourself. To enable you to make a targeted selection we will provide you with an overview of the sub-modules of our trainings. Alternatively, you just let us know your issue relating to Functional Safety and we will develop a tailor-made workshop for you.

Variant 4

You acquire a licence to download our training modules from the internet. Our trainers have provided voice-overs for all of our training materials. This means that you can use the virtual training wherever and whenever you like.