Homologation Service

Drawing on a solid knowledge base with respect to the interpretation of legal regulations by the European approval authorities we provide you with specific advice regarding issues which may emerge due to gaps or unclear wording in the legal standards that provide the basis for testing. Due to our status as a notified body in various fields we are in constant contact with various approval authorities. We support you during the approval process from the time of filing your application through to receipt of the approval certificates. In addition, we will be pleased to assist you in the preparation of your manufacturer’s documentation for various markets.

Particularly in the case of new technologies it is important – at an early stage of the development – to assure their conformance with the technical requirements of the target markets at the time of going to market. Current legislation frequently either lags behind the state of technology or the requirements to be met by novel technologies have not yet been defined.

SGS TÜV experts are members of relevant bodies and committees that drive the development of regulations forwards or define the requirements to be met by novel technologies. Consequently, we have access to current trends and developments which we will share with you. Throughout your development process SGS TÜV provides you with support and consultancy in close collaboration with other SGS specialists from various disciplines with respect to:


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