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Functional Safety Analytics

The performance of safety analyses is indispensable when developing a safety-relevant system. Safety analyses provide valuable results for the entire development process.

analytik-sgs-tuev-E   One objective of such analyses is the identification of potential safety-relevant faults, for example. This enables the detection, evaluation and elimination (if necessary) of resulting influences that harbour hazards.
Another objective may be to confirm a selected system concept based on the results of the analysis or to improve a system architecture regarding the respective safety requirements.


Possible results are

  • Identification of faults
  • Assessment of their effects on the safety objective
  • Investigation of fault causes
  • Identification of weak areas
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Derivation of safety test plans
  • Information to establish diagnostic intervals
  • Reduction of quality costs

The selection and adaptation of the analysis methodology is project-specific and made on the basis on its suitability to obtain the best possible analysis results. This allows the special characteristics of the system to be addressed in the respective phases of the safety lifecycle. We support you in all aspects relating to Safety Analytics.

Possible methods are:

    • FMEA
    • FTA
    • Markov Analysis
    • HAZOP / PAAG
    • ETA
    • Reliability Block Diagram


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