Wireless Testing

You are planning the development or market entry of a wireless/radio product and therefore  
•    have to get a clear understanding about the applicable market/region-specific directives,
regulations, standards, essential requirements and frequency plans to be met?
•    have to proof that all the market/region specific regulatory requirements are fully met?  
•    need a reliable prediction of the module or system reliability?

The Center for Quality Engineering (CQE) within the SGS Germany GmbH provides all these
and other complementary testing and certification services essential for a successful and fast
market entry.  
We apply and use all appropriate standards for accredited testing laboratories to cater for the
functional area of your products. We support you in planning a cost-effective qualification of
your product and thus ensure the complete conformity of your product.  
Our service portfolio in the wireless/radio area is growing continuously due to the ongoing dialog and integration of customer needs and requirements.

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