The SGS Group works intensively on the sustainability of its corporate processes worldwide. Our goal is for the positive influences of our company on society to significantly outweigh the negative ones. Significantly, in addition to social and societal aspects, this includes the impact of our services on the environment. To protect our planet for future generations, we aim to minimize the negative impact of our business processes on the environment. SGS pursues a climate-neutrality strategy worldwide and seeks to use resources efficiently to create sustainable value for society. SGS publishes an annual Sustainability Report, which addresses environmental topics such as CO2 emissions as well as water and waste management.

The SGS Group Germany has also committed itself to sustainability, particularly concerning environmental issues. A certified environmental management system is in place at the Munich, Geretsried-Gelting, and Rosenheim locations.

We take responsibility for environmental protection. This applies to all of the services and other business activities that we provide at the Munich, Geretsried-Gelting, and Rosenheim locations, as well as to our suppliers and service providers in connection with our business activities. We have looked at the context of our organization and analyzed the environmental impact of our operations and services, and have geared our environmental management system and the objectives defined therein to this. Our goals are measurable, and we can document them with key figures. It is our commitment to comply with existing laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of interested parties, and to keep our negative impact on the environment as low as possible. We will constantly improve our environmental and energy performance.

In order to achieve our goals, we provide the necessary human and financial resources. Management effectively supports managers and employees dealing with environmental issues. We want to strengthen the environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers, and customers and encourage open dialogue on environmental protection issues.

The management at the Munich, Geretsried-Gelting, and Rosenheim sites stand behind these goals and strive to constantly improve the effectiveness of the environmental management system. Management communicates the importance of environmental protection, the continuing compliance with environmental regulations, and other binding obligations to all employees, and explains how they can help to achieve these environmental goals.

We have implemented a communication process to inform all employees about the goals and requirements. We regularly check the environmentally relevant processes, which are binding for everyone, and we update and document them in our environmental management manual.


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