Failure and Damage Analysis

In principle it is not possible to avoid failures and damage on products completely. They may be caused by such things as construction, manufacturing and material faults or by incorrect use. For the manufacturer, this becomes a problem when these faults occur or are noticed when the product has reached the end customer.

In cases such as this many companies use the complex problem resolving expertise of our Automotive Business Line to determine the causes, to get advice how to eliminate and avoid the fault and to obtain solid expert opinions for any legal disputes.

The interdisciplinary team from SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS works throughout Europe and in many different industries to resolve problems. Our activities are based on extensive functional and methodological expertise, independency, neutrality and professionalism.

Our range of services:

  • Failure and damage analyses (also „major damage“)
  • Expert opinions for court cases
  • Specialised research
  • Collaboration in development projects; product information
  • Development and deployment of new testing and analysis processes
  • Fault simulations, tests
  • Quality assurance work


Materials science, physics, chemistry, mineralogy, electronics, mechanical engineering, process technology, chemical and physical analysis, surface analytics, metallography, testing technology

Thematic focuses:

  • Electric/electronic defects
  • Materials/surfaces/coatings
  • Contaminants/particles
  • Joint technologies
  • Wear/fatigue/fracture
  • Corrosion
  • Soot filters/catalysis


  • Automotive components
  • Electrical/electronic components
  • Machines/units
  • Pharmaceutical/medical technology products
  • Building materials etc.

Testing technology/analytics:

We have all the relevant, modern processes that are required for failure and damage analysis.


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